Reservation Policy

  • This policy only applies to direct bookings with this property.
  • If you have booked through a 3rd party you have agreed to their cancellation policy, as well as all other policies of this property.
  • A booking is a contract. A booking is only confirmed only once a deposit has been paid (see payment policy).
  • Camp management retain the right to alter cabin or site arrangements to accommodate broader business needs.
  • All bookings remain at the discretion of the manager/ owners. Management reserve the right to refuse entry, at its sole discretion, if it believes the party;
    • It is not the person named on the reservation or the person named on the credit card or not unauthorised for the use of the card, or is not able to pay for any additional charges o may not respect the rules of the property or acts in a manner likely to affect other guests rights of enjoyment.
    • May cause damage to the property of the camp or other guests
    • May exhibit socially unacceptable behaviour
    • Is younger than 18 years and not accompanied by a responsible person over that age.
    • Is concealing an unauthorised people or animals.
    • The party is not of the character needed to operate within a campground environment.
  • From time to time we may offer special rates or discounts to various group memberships or specials. If you qualify, you may only apply one discount offer per stay.
  • Your booking allocates only one vehicle per site. Please advise at the time of booking if you have a trailer or Boat and we will do our best to accommodate. There may be additional charges of $10 per extra unit.
  • Visitors must report into the office on arrival and depart by 10pm. Visitors' cars are to be parked on the road and are not permitted in the campground.

Payment Policy

  • A booking is confirmed only once a deposit has been paid – the higher of one nights accommodation cost per unit or 50% of booking.
  • If you have booked via a 3rd party that payment policy applies.
  • ‘The balance of all bookings is payable on check-in/ arrival.
  • A Credit card is also required for an in-print, which will be charged for any extra’s, lost property or damage caused during your stay. Please look after this property as if it was your pride and joy!
  • An automatic surcharge of 2.5% will be added to payments by credit card users

Damages/Cleaning Policy

  • Wilful or Accidental damage: A guest will be responsible for any damage to the unit/ cabin/ property, loss of property or income. These costs include;
    • The direct repair costs;
    • The daily accommodation costs at carded rates, until the room is able to be let.
  • Additional cleaning: We reserve the right to charge an addition cleaning charge if $200 per night if the condition of the room has been left in an unsatisfactory condition requiring extra cleaning

Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • If you have booked via a 3rd party that cancellation policy applies.
  • Cancellations for reservations are not refundable where they are;
    • Within 31 days before Peak season (20th Dec - 15th Feb), public holidays or school holiday bookings; or
    • Within 14 days before all other bookings;
  • If a cancellation is made and qualifies for a refund a “refund processing fee” of $50.00 will be deducted per site or room booked.
  • Refunds will only be processed to the payment source received and within 10 days.
  • No refunds are given for;
    • Early departure on booked dates
    • Weather conditions
  • Covid cancellations - If you need to isolate or if there is a lockdown due to covid pandemic we will also offer to put bookings forward to a new date (provide a credit). There are no refunds.

Dog Policy

We are dog friendly at the sole discretion of management and under strict conditions. Having a dog on this site is a privilege not a right and we are NOT a kennel.

These rules are very clear and failure to follow will result in you being asked to leave the campsite.

  • The rules apply to all guests, at all times.
  • You must volunteer you have a dog and it must be noted on your booking. A charge of $25 applies to non-declared animals.
  • Dogs are NOT permitted in the peak period (20th December to 15
  • Dogs are NOT permitted in any units, except;
    • Units 301 and 302 which are designated Dog units. You are
      only able to book this directly with the property. A cleaning
      fee of $40 applies to all Dog unit bookings.
  • Dogs are NOT to remain in the campground without their owners. If you go out, your dog goes with you.
  • All dogs must be on a lead at all times, especially during the night and toilet stops.
  • You must have a bag and collect any droppings and place in rubbish bins, at all times.
  • There are designated area’s within the campground Map where dogs are/ are not permitted.
  • Your Dog must not cause noise or other nuisance events. Please ensure you are the party to control your dog to avoid the embarrassment of management asking you to leave.
  • No big dogs.
  • No cats.

Please read our policy in-depth. Our biggest issue is guests believe the rules apply to everyone except themselves! Please don’t make us hold you to account, because if you are unwilling to follow our generous rules, you will be asked to leave without warning. This sort of behavior ruins it for all.

Health and Safety Policy

All powered sites must use an approved RCD safety switch lead that is tag tested.

All Campervans and Caravans that visit the campground must be certified self contained, have a current electrical WOF and a Gas certificate.

Seasonal Booking Payment Policy

Peak Season:

In addition to the standard ‘payment policy’ additional Peak Season (20th December to 15 February) policies apply:
A minimum of three nights’ stay
Deposit requirements;
The greater of one nights deposit or 50% of booking
Balance of booking value due on arrival

Off season:

The standard payment policy to apply (1st May – 30th September, excluding long weekends).


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Winter: 8.30 am – 6 pm

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