Environmental Sustainability

Our beachfront location means that we at Napier Beach TOP 10 are very aware of the need to act responsibly to protect our environment and preserve our ocean for the benefit of future generations.

All trees, plants and shrubs were planted by us to help make our park the tranquil Holiday Park it is today – appreciated by guests, visitors, cyclists (we are based at the end of a cycleway) native birds and animal life. We have an initiative as park to make a conscious effort to add 200 new plants to the park each year for the next three years – that’s an additional 600 plants!

In order to reduce our carbon foot print we employ the use of solar heating, recycling, composting and use of products that are biodegradable or have recyclable packaging. We have begun using suppliers who focus on sustainability – one of our large suppliers has been working with the EECA to establish some big bold sustainability goals and has even employed an Energy Management Graduate! We compost all of our scraps from our on site Cafe, reuse our coffee grinds, remulch our greenery back into our gardens and have a goal of installing EV chargers by 2024 and reducing our gas and fuel by 10% each year as a Park. We have on site draining / water containment and we are aiming to join up with the council sewer system rather than our own within two years. We have begun introducing water pressure reducers into all showers and have metered shows in our amenity blocks to help encourage water conservation. We’re also in the process of an effective heating replacement throughout the park, replacing our room lights with LED lighting and installing sensors in rooms for lights to assist with reducing power wastage.

We take pride in maintaining a clean, green natural setting for our guests and staff to enjoy. Our aim is to provide our guests with the best stay possible whilst maintaining the lowest impact possible on the environment.

We have recently adapted to using the phrase Kaitiakitanga and Manaakitanga which means to care for, protect and manage our piece of Aotearoa.

Kaitiaki means guardian. This can be a person or group that cares for an area such as a lake, a beach or in our case, a Holiday Park. Kaitiakitanga means guardianship and protection, a deep relationship between humans and the natural world.

It is a way of managing the environment, based on the Māori world view and focuses on authority and responsibility. Kaitiakitanga is concerned with sustainability of our environment and utilising its benefits.

We are constantly striving towards improving our protect our environment, increasing sustainability and reducing our Carbon Footprint.

What are we doing?



We are constantly thinking of ways to assist towards our community ecological restoration. We recently assisted with the clean up from Cyclone Gabrielle which destroyed some of our region – this included beach clean up and offering a free dumping ground for silt caused by the Cyclone. We also have our planting initiative over the next three years – as well as improving the environment, the planting will benefit and can be enjoyed by our guests, staff, cyclists (we are located at the end of a Cycleway) and the public who have access to our Park.



Throughout the Holiday Park you will find recycling bins to encourage recycling. We encourage all guests to be mindful about their waste disposal. It helps to keep our Park clean and green! We also have compost bins and compost all scraps from our on site Cafe, reuse our coffee grinds and remulch greenery back into our gardens.


Water and Energy Reduction

We have installed flow reducers in showers and will continue to do so until all showers at our Park have them – but don’t worry, we will never turn the water off on you! We have solar heating for the water in our ablution blocks and our aim is to invest in further solar panels inside the next five years. We have a goal to reduce fuel and gas usage at our Park by 10% each year and have been installing effective heating and replacing lighting with LED’s and sensor lights as we progress through our renovations.



We have created a Park initiative to make a conscious effort to plant 200 new plants a year for the next three years, that’s an additional 600 plants! Our composting helps contribute to improving our environment and we have a goal of installing EV charges at the Park by the end of 2024. We are also proud supporters of the Predator Free NZ 2050 initiative.

What about you?


Water and Energy Reduction

To help us achieve our goal of reducing water and energy usage, our guests can limit shower times, turn off lights and appliances when not using them, reuse towels by using towel rails or air drying them and keep windows and doors closed to keep the heat in during colder periods.



We encourage all guests to recycle! As mentioned above, we aim to keep our Park clean and green and recycling helps play a part in this. Where possible, reuse containers, water bottles and/or shopping bags. Every little bit helps!


Tourism Sustainability Commitment

As a business, we have joined the Tourism Sustainability Commitment.

The 12 Commitments from the programme can be found here and more information about the Tourism Sustainability Commitment can be found here.

Sustainability Cert

By joining, we have committed Napier Beach TOP 10 to:

  • Having a sustainability plan with goals for the 12 Commitments
  • Making measurable progress towards the goals
  • Embedding sustainability into business systems, processes and plans
  • Providing an annual update on progress
  • Telling communities and visitors about our sustainability efforts.