Policies and General Park Info

Guest Information:

Phone:  0800 287 275

Email:  [email protected]

Please note, there is a PDF version of our Terms & Conditions at the bottom of this page.

Reception Hours:

Summer – 8.00am – 7.00pm

Winter – 8.30am – 6.00pm

Cafe Hours:

Summer – 8.00am – 3.00pm (Closed Mondays & Tuesdays)

Winter – 8.30am – 2.30pm (Closed Mondays & Tuesdays)


Check in / Departure

All parties must report to the reception on arrival. Late arrivals will only be permitted by prior arrangement.

Check in’s Accommodation and Sites from 2pm onwards
Departures By 10am on day of departure, if you require a later departure you are welcome to stay another night please contact the office.

Emergency – in the event of an emergency, dial 111 and then immediately contact the office/manager. In event of a Civil Defence event, if you hear a continuous on-off siren, evacuate the campground and head to higher ground as highlighted in red on the map.

Security – safely store your belongings, lock doors and close windows when not around your site. Please report any suspicious behaviour to the office/ Park management.

Accounts – balance of accounts are payable on arrival. Payment must be made for the booking made (length and numbers of guests).

Speed – a maximum limit of 5km applies to every one on the campground. Please watch out for children and bikes, they are unpredictable.

Visitors – visitors are welcome, but must park out of the gates and are required to leave by 10pm.

Children – Parents or caregivers are responsible for children at all times. Children under the age of 6yrs old must be accompanied to all facilities.


  • Snapper Café (onsite cafe owned by us) for breakfasts and lunches Wednesday – Sunday.
  • Camp shop: a large range of drinks, snacks and ice creams, as well as some basic camping needs and health products are available at the camp reception.
  • Wifi: Our site has a brand new Wifi network throughout the park. Free wifi (max 10GB per day) is available to all full paying guests.
  • TV room Sky TV available in the Lounge.
  • Kitchen shared kitchen facilities available.
  • BBQ areas – two new BBQ areas are situated in the park.
  • Relocated and improved kids playground – now includes the much loved jumping pillow!
  • Disabled bathroom is situated in the main toilet block.
  • Showers all showers have $1 coin charge for 5 minute shower.
  • Dump stations two stations are available for greywater/sewerage disposal.


Washing machines (3) takes 2 x $2 coins = $4 charge
Dryers (2) takes 2 x $2 coins = $4 charge

Are available free of charge. Please clean after use and inform reception if the gas bottle is empty.

No open fires (includes candles, fireworks and flamed BBQ fires) are permitted on the premises and any fires on the beach must have a permit issued by FENZ and meet Napier City Council requirements.


  • Playground, trampolines and jumping pillow available.
  • Large chess set for use at anytime


Electrical lead hire Available at reception.
Cooking utensils Available at reception.
Most hires have a Bond requirement, which is returned upon undamaged and cleaned items being returned to the office.


Please treat our property with pride and respect. Leave all facilities as you found them – neat and tidy, and please report any damage or condition that needs management’s attention.

Cooking – in consideration of other guests we do not allow cooking of seafood, curries or other spicy/ oderifious foods in units or the shared and confined kitchen.

Recycling – Please use our designated recycling centres as intended, separating items into the correct waste containers so we can all do our bit for the environment.

Dump stations and Bathrooms – DO NOT put sanitary pads, nappies or other objects down the toilets or dump stations. Use the appropriate rubbish bins provided.

EV charging No EV vehicles are to be charged on site. Please do not attempt to charge any Electric Vehicles from units or any other power source at the park. Anyone found charging their vehicles through any unauthorised source will be fined $200 and risks being asked to leave the park, without refund. Our wiring and systems are not designed to carry any EV charging load at this point. EV charging can be found at the BP fuel station, 300m north on SH2.

Conduct, Noise, Disturbance Policy

We are a campground and accommodation provider for everyone. Please don’t put us in the position where we have to deal with
complaints from other users about you and/ or your guests behaviour. If you are having fun at the expense of others, then you need develop an awareness around your own behaviour and actions. Failure to do this, results in us asking you to leave without any refunds.

• Noise policy – Quietness between 10.00pm and 8.00am.
• No Smoking Policy – No smoking is allowed in units or around
camp facilities.
• No Drugs are permitted. The matter will be reported to Police
and you will be asked to leave without warning.
• Alcohol – Excessive drinking and party’s/ noise are forbidden –
you will be asked to leave without warning.
• No Bad language or swearing at all times.
• Reasonable behaviour and dress standard at all times.
• Consideration to all other guests must be shown at all times.

Damages/ Cleaning Policy

• Wilful or Accidental damage: A guest will be responsible for any damage to the unit/ cabin/ property, loss of property or income.
These costs include;
o the direct repair costs;
o the daily accommodation costs at carded rates, until the room is able to be let.
• Additional cleaning: We reserve the right to charge an addition cleaning charge if $200 per night if the condition of the room has been left in an unsatisfactory condition requiring extra cleaning.

Please note excessive cleaning costs or damaged property will be charged to your credit card.

Dog Policy

We are Pet friendly at the sole discretion of management and under strict conditions. Having a dog on this site is a privilege not a right and we are not a kennel. These rules are very clear and failure to follow will result in you being asked to leave the campsite.
• The rules apply to all guests, at all times.
• You must volunteer you have a dog and it must be noted on your booking. A charge of $50 applies to non-declared animals.
• Dogs are not permitted in the peak period (20th December to 15th February).
• Dogs are not permitted in any units, except;
o Units 301 which are designated Dog units. You are only able to book this directly with the property. A cleaning fee of $50 applies to all Dog unit bookings.

• There are designated area’s within the campground map where dogs are/ are not permitted, including camp sites. Please call our office or ask when you arrive what sites allow dogs. If you book sites that do not allow dogs (such as our Beachfront Sites), you will be moved to a dog friendly site in the dog area.
• Dogs are not to remain in the campground without their owners. If you go out, your dog goes with you.
• All dogs must be on a lead at all times, especially during the night and toilet stops.
• You must have a bag and collect any droppings and place in rubbish bins, at all times.
• Your dog must not cause noise or other nuisance events. Please ensure you are the party to control your dog to avoid the embarrassment of management asking you to leave.

Health and Safety Policy

All powered sites must use an approved RCD safety switch lead that is tag tested.

All Campervans and Caravans that visit the campground must be certified self-contained, have a current electrical WOF and a Gas

If any of these rules, regulations or health and safety requirements are breached, you may be required to leave the Park without refund. We ask for your cooperation so that your stay and the stay of other guests is as enjoyable as possible.