Hapori / Community

Here at Napier TOP 10, we love to support our local community and promote community participation!

As a business we are happy to participate in community events and currently support a number of local businesses and activities.

For example:

  • We try to focus as much as possible on supporting local and small/medium businesses. This includes local suppliers and businesses for both the Holiday Park and Cafe. Examples of this include using local food providers, coffee providers, trade businesses for our renovations and even our locally owned garage just down the road.
  • We have recently participated in the Bayview recovery, following Cyclone Gabrielle. This has included gifted time from both Management and our employees. We have also offered part of our Park as a free dumping site for silt caused by the Cyclone and have tried to repurpose the silt and use it in our Park maintenance.
  • We actively sponsor our local cycleways – this is something close to our hearts as our Park sits at the end of one of Napier’s cycleways and is a big attraction in the area.
  • We actively advertise and support our local Hawkes Bay NZ website which is a huge support for the Hawkes Bay community and all there is to drink, eat and do here!
  • We actively sponsor local schools and kindergartens through advertising.
  • We are proud supporters of the Predator Free NZ 2050 initiative.


We are always more than happy to consider further sponsorship and community involvement – if you have any requests or ideas, please get in touch by sending an email below!